Holding Company focused on Investments in high growth areas of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Purpose and Vision:
Investments – Shareholding : Seeking Investments in high growth industries and companies.

Startups: Partnering with Specialist in Providing Seed Funding for Startups.

Representative and Sale Agency Agreements: Partnering with companies in Regions where representation is lacking and where there is potential for growth.

Real Estate Investments: Partnering with Regional Specialist in seeking opportunities in commercial, industrial and the residential sectors.

Financial Markets: Investing in financial instruments traded on various stock exchanges including, ETF’s and Mutual Funds in high growth regions and sectors.

Administration: Collection and Distribution of funds to Associate Companies.


Sealanes Management (SM) looks to find opportunities, and to partner with people to return above average returns on Capital Invested.

Including but not limited to:

  • Startups
  • ¬†Agency Agreements
  • Peer to Peer Lending
  • Established Business, partnering with Management

Real Estate

High growth rates combined with population growth, stable and efficient government and good infustructure, have over time been really good for regional Real Estate Assets. Depending on each particular case we look to partner with specialists in there particular field of Real Estate.


Financial Markets

High Growth markets, with well established and growing manufacturing and consumption bases, combined with stable political systems generally do well over time. We look to invest in these parts of the world via financial instruments to beat inflation over the medium to longer term.


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